To inspire insurance literacy within every consumer, to partner with the best, and to apply innovative technologies to improve the Account Management experience for all involved.

We understand today's insurance consumer needs to not only be aware of all the options available to them, they also need to understand how those options work for their own lifestyle—in real time.

Vitam Insurance Services began with a revelation: it's all about the Account Management. For years, agencies have focused on sales processes as a way of building their client base, an approach that worked well for approaching yesterday's consumer. However, as the cost of insurance has dramatically increased, so have the expectations of today's consumer. Gone are the days where a simple round of golf and an expensive lunch with your insurance broker will make you feel better about the amount of money you pay every month for your health insurance.

Our strategy and Account Management (AM) methodologies are what give Vitam its edge in the industry. Account Managers are the administrative and logistical backbone of every agency, which is why every member of our AM team is trained, meticulously, for at least one year behind the scenes before they ever become client-facing. And the AM-respect doesn’t stop there; all our brokers and sales team members must have had at least one year of AM experience prior to joining any other department, preferably within our own Account Manager team.

Vitam supports its Account Management, administration, and sales teams by contracting with the most reliable insurance companies in the industry. We have the well-known carriers, but we also have some “pocket” options that fit the needs of our more creative buyers. Finally, rounding out the customer service experience at Vitam is our great love and hunger for technology. We are a paperless company and are always in search of new technologies and applications to improve our efficiency as well as the customer experience.