According to recent studies, regular pleasure travel promotes brain health and resilience. When you're placed in a new environment, your senses, your powers of observation, and your focus intensify. Getting away gives you a chance to clear your mind and put problems in better perspective, and therefore burnout is less likely. So prioritize travel in your life and book a trip! But before you go international, make sure you take some very important, risk-friendly steps first.

Hopefully all of us will be lucky enough to outlive financial responsibility, but unfortunately some of us will not. Those who do end up leaving the world mid-stride may unintentionally leave their families and loved ones to pick up the pieces. While life insurance may be one of the least fun things you will ever buy, its existence will provide you with good peace-of-mind, knowing that your loved ones won't have to resort to social media fundraising if you leave the earth sooner than expected.




There's more to health insurance than deductibles and co-pays. Policy components, such as the tax deductibility of your premiums, out of pocket max, and even your doctor network options, have become more and more important in the brave, new world of health insurance. Whether you're buying coverage for your employees or your family, we have the best of everything and can explain it to you in terms you’ll understand. ​