Most American medical insurance plans sold today have some coverage for foreign travel emergency; however, few have adequate coverage for the things you don't expect to need in an emergency. How will your spouse get to you? How will you get back into the country if you can't fly commercially? If you pass away, how will your family get your body back into the country? And, who will help you coordinate all this? This is where a Travel Med policy comes into action; do not leave the country without it! Click the link to the left for a quick quote.



You're counting down the days before you leave and you were packed two weeks ago; there is no way you are missing this vacation. Then, stuff happens and there is no way for you to make it. Your deposits are non refundable—what do you do? A nice add-on to the Travel Med policy would be the hero in this scenario. Click the icon to the left for an easy quote and contact us for a combined quote.


International Travelers may come into contact with unfamiliar diseases, such as yellow fever, and may need more vaccinations than the US recommended vaccinations. Check this Centers for Disease Control link (in the icon to the left) for a quick search of your destination country. Also, check with us to see which, if any, of these vaccinations might be covered by your health insurance.

According to recent studies, regular pleasure travel promotes brain health and resilience. When you're placed in a new environment, your senses, your powers of observation, and your focus intensify. Getting away gives you a chance to clear your mind and put problems in better perspective, and therefore burnout is less likely. So prioritize travel in your life and book a trip! But before you go international, make sure you take some very important, risk-friendly steps first.


If you don't have time, or would rather spare yourself the co-payment for your general doctor, try a local minute-clinic or pharmacy. The icon to the left will bring you to a Google Health Map search for easy, local vaccine options. Many of these clinics will work with your insurance on the vaccines that are covered; check with us for more information on this.